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  • RFID Event and Venue Management
  • RFID Event and Venue Management
  • RFID Consumer	Goods Tracking and Inventory Management
  • RFID inventory Management
  • RFID medical device tracking and inventory Management


We’re an enterprise-level RFID integrator of customized software and RFID hardware. Stark RFID can show you what your business is doing in real time — the interaction of your customers, people, processes, products and services.

Our enterprise-level RFID solutions let you see your business more clearly — your data exposes cost-effective ways to improve customer satisfaction and eliminate waste, to make every move count.

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The Stark RFID Difference

The worlds most advanced RFID tickets and RFID wristbands

RFID Tickets, Credentials & Bracelets

Access control and tracking with style

RFID tickets, RFID credentials, RFID wristbands, bracelets



NFC helps you stay in touch

NFC access control, NFC loyalty programs, NFC in-store marketing

RFID Access portals and interactve kiosks

RFID Access Portals and Interactive Kiosks

Custom fabricated and skinned for brand bling

RFID access portals, RFID interactive kiosks

Stark RFID Solutions

RFID for better access control

Stark EM RFID-enabled credentials scan in and out, with the system reading hundreds of RFID wristbands, tickets and badges simultaneously. Layered access options also available.

Business intelligence / customer analytics

Stark EM location systems give you real-time updates on every move your customers make inside the venue, measuring length of stay, peak time, real-time counts and more.

Brand and social media integration

Stark EM connects you and your sponsors to customer social media activity, for more reach, more accurate targeting, timely and relevant communications, and database development.

Digital wallets and stored value

Stark EM RFID-enabled credentials give you the convenience of linking to credit cards, to upgrade tickets with self-service or use stored value to buy merchandise or concessions.

Better inventory management

Stark FG integrates with your ERP system, for real-time updates that track thousands of finished goods simultaneously, for 50% more operating efficiency and 100% pick-ticket accuracy.

Eliminate waste and operator error

Stark FG gives you asset tracking without the hassles of barcoding (no line-of-sight restrictions or manual input required), to cut labor costs and loading times.

Double forklift productivity

Stark FG’s SmartBin loading module positions fast-moving inventory closest to the loading dock, to cut forklift travel and load times.

Increase overall productivity by 50%

See immediate improvement in inventory control, raw materials usage, asset tracking and employee management with automated real-time manufacturing and shipping data.

Better inventory management

Stark CG tracks high-value SKUs from manufacturing through distribution to point of sale, for better planning, faster inventory turns and improved profitability.

Apparel RFID solutions with Smart tags

Stark CG retail inventory management solutions eliminate lost SKUs and the pain of manual inventory tracking, for lower labor costs and shorter lead times.

Fewer out-of-stock incidents

Our automated inventory replenishment reduces out-of-stocks at distribution and POS, to support JIT inventory resupply and faster inventory turns.

Audit trail prevents counterfeiting

Stark CG’s chain-of-custody documentation gives you end-to-end traceability, to prevent counterfeiting, theft, invoicing disputes and charge-back fees.

Complete medical inventory management

Stark MD uses passive RFID technology for cost and size efficiency, to integrate RFID tracking of pharmaceuticals and technology with your mobile platform and Cloud infrastructure.

Asset tracking for the clinical environment

We help you handle patient care, inventories on multiple floors and asset movement, with RFID interrogators to help nurses locate equipment faster to cut response times.

End-to-end supply chain visibility

Our RFID traceability fights counterfeiting, loss and theft, with an audit trail that documents the chain-of-custody path from delivery through use and disposal.

Seamless RFID/ERP integration

Stark MD integrates your ERP with your clinical assets, eliminating input error, loss and stocking shortages to support faster response times and improved outcomes.

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